Nashville DJ Truck has quickly become the official provider of Silent outings in the city we can provide Silent Clubbing Events, Silent Movies, Silent Comedy, Silent Tours, Corporate Events, Private Events and much more! Who ever knew that being silent could be so much fun!!

What is a Silent Party? A party experience like nothing you’ve had before. Three DJ’s Red (80’s 90’s 2000’s) , Green (Top 40 and EDM), and Blue (Hip Hop), all spin the best music while you sing and dance along.

As you flip from one channel to the other on your headphones, they change colors from green to red or blue. This turns the event into a silent disco, full of people singing and dancing. Meanwhile, a DJ competition rages to get you to listen to their respective color!

Event Specialists are always looking for innovative solutions to offer their clients.
Corporate and Social events require ground-breaking entertainment. Often high-decibel music does not allow for networking, or catching up with family and friends, however, our wireless headphones are your WOW factor solution. We are on the verge of a brand new sub-culture and this wireless headphone technology will change the way we experience music and social interaction forever!