Window of opportunity

April 24, 2019

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Funding Available Now! For your 2019 Projects/Ventures.

April 23, 2019

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April 16, 2019

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Real VoIP savings – Free SIP Trunks

April 16, 2019

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April 8, 2019

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March 20, 2019

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Hootie and the Blowfish Concerts

March 20, 2019

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A time to remember....

October 1, 2018

The whole night was great!! The Nashville DJ Truck is the place to be with friends and family when your wanting to have some fun. The truck stayed hype the whole night. Benji was very professional. Any questions I asked he answered them with no problem. He went over and beyond to make my night a time that I would never forget! Thanks again everyone loved it!


I had an amazing time I brought my birthday in the lit way

September 25, 2018

I booked a party bus in Nashville over a month ago but at the last minute I was on my way from Jackson, Tennessee to Nashville and I received a call that the party bus was not working. I was devastated because it was my 30th birthday. So one of my friends that live in Nashville told me about the Nashville DJ truck and I called and I spoke with Benji and he told me he had already had two parties but he could pick me up at 1 a.m. and at first I was not feeling it at all but I said I was just going to make the best of it. So me and my party pulled up at 1 a.m. looking for a party bus and it was something like an ice cream truck lol so you have to imagine what was going through our heads but I just said hey we’re here now let’s try it out. And I am so happy that we did. We had such an amazing time I brought my birthday in the right way, the lit way. Benji was so nice and professional. He played all the good music, he drove us downtown and everyone we came across on the street was partying with us trying to get on the truck with us. I’m so glad that I chose the Nashville DJ truck instead of Music City party bus. Matter of fact my friends and I are already planning on coming back in a couple of weeks and riding with Benji again. Thanks


Fun times

September 20, 2018

I rode the party bus 3 times and I really enjoyed myself each time. Thanks Benji!!

Linda Mccune